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    • On average, the human body consists of 67% water. It is therefore not surprising that water also plays a decisive role in terms of health.

      The beneficial warmth of moor, fango and mud was discovered early on. Mud baths were documented as a natural remedy as early as the 14th century.

      The climate has long had a major influence on well-being. Those seeking relaxation are most likely to find it in an environment with a balanced temperature and constant humidity.

      Kneipp cures are probably among the best-known water treatments. However, Kneipp therapy also includes nutrition, herbs, exercise and inner balance in addition to the water pillar.

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Frequently asked questions

All those with statutory insurance who meet the medical requirements are entitled to outpatient preventive care. Speak directly to your family doctor. You can find more information about the spa treatment here.

The term “cure” no longer exists in the new social legislation. A basic distinction is made between outpatient preventive services, inpatient preventive services, inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient rehabilitation, semi-inpatient rehabilitation, follow-up treatment, compact cure, mother-father-child cure. Further information on the Cures

For outpatient preventive measures, you can choose the health resort and accommodation yourself after consulting your family doctor. To find the right place, use our “Search” function.

Your partner can accompany you during an outpatient preventive measure and use the accommodation and the spa infrastructure of the health resort.

As a general rule, bathing in thermal water is not suitable for people with cardiac insufficiency from stage 3. For everyone else, thermal baths are suitable from a temperature of 32°C. You should ensure that you enter the water slowly and do not wet your forehead before bathing. As there are many "temperature regulators" on the head, this could trigger a cold stimulus (with water below body temperature). This in turn puts a strain on the heart and circulation.

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