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    • On average, the human body consists of 67% water. It is therefore not surprising that water also plays a decisive role in terms of health.

      The beneficial warmth of moor, fango and mud was discovered early on. Mud baths were documented as a natural remedy as early as the 14th century.

      The climate has long had a major influence on well-being. Those seeking relaxation are most likely to find it in an environment with a balanced temperature and constant humidity.

      Kneipp cures are probably among the best-known water treatments. However, Kneipp therapy also includes nutrition, herbs, exercise and inner balance in addition to the water pillar.

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Soothing water

On average, the human body consists of 67 percent water. It is therefore not surprising that water also plays a crucial role in our health. In medicine, water has long been known as a natural remedy. Even the Romans built magnificent baths where fresh spring or thermal water was used to strengthen body and mind. Today, spas and health resorts use the curative effect of water in different ways.


What can water help with?

  • Cardiovascular diseases, post-myocardial infarction treatment, blood pressure abnormalities, venous diseases
  • Vegetative-nervous dysfunctions
  • Chronic respiratory diseases
  • Organic and functional disorders
  • Conditions after operations in the fields of surgery, orthopedics, gynecology
  • Metabolic disorders


Discover thermal baths in Baden-Württemberg




Awards serve as a seal of quality in health tourism. The respective federal state is responsible for the certification of spas and health resorts. In order to receive a rating, certain standards must be met in the area of medical facilities and tourist infrastructure. The state's health resort law defines these requirements.

Thermal water is characterized by a high temperature right at the source: it must be at least 20 degrees Celsius. If the thermal water also contains valuable minerals and trace elements, then the spa can call itself a mineral thermal spa. The healing waters come from natural, local springs. If the temperature of the mineral-rich water is less than 20 degrees Celsius, however, it is called mineral water and the spa is therefore a mineral spa.

In order for a spa to be called a brine spa, one liter of water must contain 5.5 grams of sodium ions and 8.5 grams of chloride ions. There are a total of six brine spas in Baden-Württemberg.


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