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    • On average, the human body consists of 67% water. It is therefore not surprising that water also plays a decisive role in terms of health.

      The beneficial warmth of moor, fango and mud was discovered early on. Mud baths were documented as a natural remedy as early as the 14th century.

      The climate has long had a major influence on well-being. Those seeking relaxation are most likely to find it in an environment with a balanced temperature and constant humidity.

      Kneipp cures are probably among the best-known water treatments. However, Kneipp therapy also includes nutrition, herbs, exercise and inner balance in addition to the water pillar.

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What is the air like in …

Your health is important to us

Together with Robert Bosch GmbH, the Baden-Württemberg Spas Association has developed a real-time air quality monitoring system for spas and health resorts. With the help of an air quality measuring box from Bosch, the internationally recognized AirQualityIndex is issued. Guests and locals can thus obtain transparent information about the air quality at their destination and plan their activities accordingly. The AirQualityIndex, which is available in real time, provides spas and health resorts with real added value through smart data for greater well-being and quality of life.

Good air in the climatic health resorts

Particularly good air can be found in climatic health resorts.

Spas and health resorts in Baden-Württemberg